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12 March 2008 @ 04:44 pm
New Sins  
Shouldn't this stuff already be in the bible? Isn't modifying the word of a god wrong? Why wasn't the following addressed before? I know I'd be pissed if I was misquoted on some important stuff.

The New Mortal Sins
1.) genetic modification
2.) carrying out experiments on humans
3.) polluting the environment
4.) causing social injustice
5.) causing poverty
6.) becoming obscenely wealthy
7.) taking drugs


I think they should also add "8. making noise in a movie theater."

Make sure to study and reflect on the driver's commandments, as well. Unfortunately, the Vatican really erred when they overlooked "11. You shall not talk on the cell phone."

Anyway, I like the fact that the driver's commandments supersede the original ten commandments. #1 on the list of driver's commandments is "1.) You shall not kill."

Why would the Vatican repeat that there? It's already on the first list. The only explanation is that they're implying that the first list no longer needs to be followed while one is driving. Sounds pretty sacrilegious to me! The Vatican is now at odds with the bible.

I can't wait to start worshiping golden calves and coveting my neighbor's stuff while behind the wheel. What fun!